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During my time working at John Moyle Motor Engineering I learned every aspect of motor mechanics, servicing and repairs – from diagnosing engine faults, to pulling engines apart, machining parts, re- building and reinstalling engines as well as tuning & running engines in to ensure peak performance and fuel efficiency. I worked on engines of all shapes and sizes including sports and performance engines.

I also gained a large amount of experience working on Aussie and American muscle cars , including: Ford GTS, Monaro’s, XU1 Torrents, Cortinas, E39 Valiant, Escorts, speed boats, race cars, custom drag cars – even an antique Aston Martin BD7 and the only Oldsmobile Tornado in Australia.

Given we did almost all machining in house as well as diagnosis, we were used by all the leading dealers and other mechanics workshops in Adelaide to find and fix problems that they couldn’t. Pick a dealer in the north and I’ll have a story about a car they brought to us. Ford, Holden, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Land Rover, MG, VW are some to name a few

When I moved to Cross country 4×4 I began doing a large variety of work on all models of 4wds, from minor and major servicing, suspension lift kits, performance upgrades, fitting accessories such as bull bars, snorkels, exhausts, turbo conversions and fitting custom intercoolers, wiring up winches and extra lights, fitting Diff locks, and much much more.

Working for the RAA gave me a great way to further my diagnostic skills. going to just about every type of vehicle on the road from small passenger vehicles to large twin axle trucks. Mostly it was for battery related faults, but there was a huge amount of diagnosis that I performed and could sometimes fix on the road side so that the person could get to their place of repair. A few cars that come to mind are Citroens. I have a few tricks up my sleeve with poor performance, causing engine lights to come on and no starting.

To all you tradies out there who can’t do without your wheels during the week, I offer servicing and basic repairs over the weekends. I just need a few days prior notice to organise stock. if you have any questions, give me a bell.